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5 months ago
Towny Launch

Our Towny server has finally launched after a couple weeks of work. It is still not finished development wise but is very much playable.

A list of current features in towny:

  • Upgradeable skills
  • Player shops
  • Auctions
  • Jobs
  • Resource worlds

A list of planned features:

  • Dynmap
  • Quests
  • PVP world

6 months ago
Towny Annoucement

We are introducing Towny as a replacement for the Factions server. There will be a lot more features present in the Towny server that were lacking in our Factions server. This will include:

  • Main Towny overworld, nether and end
  • Resouce overworld, nether and end
  • PVP enabled world
  • Upgradeable skills
  • Player driven economy
  • Auction house
  • Quests
  • Jobs
  • Dynmap

There will be some core changes between Factions and Towny. Towny will have PVP disabled on the main world and resource world. There will be a third world which will be quest driven where PVP is enabled. All these features will not be present at the launch of Towny but will be added over time. Towny is a community driven survival experience and we will strive to create the best experience we can.

We are aiming for releasing this new gamemode within the next 2 weeks.

6 months ago
Creative ranks and associated perks

We have a variety of ranks on our Creative server that have different perks and permissions. These ranks are subject to change. The ranks are as follows:


  • Access to 1 plot on plotworld
  • Change biome and weather in plot


  • Access up to 4 plots
  • Merge up to 4 plots
  • Worldedit within plots
  • Full Player Heads access


  • Limited access to freebuild world


  • Inherits Apprentice
  • Limited Worldedit
  • Full access to freebuild worlds
  • Player Heads


  • Inherits Builder
  • Full Worldedit access
  • Create warps
  • Create towns / projects


  • Inherits Mason
  • More creative tools
  • Private world
  • Unlimited worldedit
  • Head of creative server


  • Inherits Builder rank

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